Dear friends,


Life has been a little hectic in the AMCA International office since March! For those of you who have invited me to submit articles about AMCA International to your newsletters I will  be in touch with you shortly. We at AMCA I thank you for your patience.

I am writing to update you on our news. As you know before our last visit to Jordan in March we were making applications for funding that is critical for successful completion of our goals in the Jordan Project.


Funding for AMCA

Grant funding applications were submitted to the Royal Geographical Society and to PADI International (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

We were successful in securing a grant from RGS.  The PADI Project AWARE Foundation has expressed support and requested some proposal changes for submission later this year.  We are encouraged by these organizations and their support for the project. We also thank you for your continuing support.


Progress In Disabled Diving

At this point it is best for AMCA I to announce we have been invited to work with an eminent American Professor in the field of disabled diving.  We will be joining her for a few weeks this summer in Bonaire to work on the adaptive protocols.  We feel this is a positive step forward and a great opportunity for the Jordan project.


The Jordan Project

Moving the start date of the Jordanian Project to a more appropriate date has the benefit of ensuring that all relevant parties have had a good opportunity to input into our planned work schedule, plus obtain the funding that is required. We feel the Boniare trip and planned work is a positive step forward.  The outcomes will greatly assist the development of the Jordanian project.

At this time AMCA I would like to reconfirm  your permission to work with your protocol marine research methods for the benefit of encouraging and integrating disabled divers into Marine research and Conservation. We believe  this to be a great opportunity.


Best Wishes


Caroline Walsh

Founder, AMCA International


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